Visual Strategic Power Workshop

Robovision, a company applying deep learning (AI) for businesses, asked us to help them envision a future proof scalable strategy and culture.

 Through a combination of inspiration and co-creation we reflected on the why, what and how of personal and business transformation.

 We then visualized the current state and future desired state and built the bridge to ‘Empower people and organizations through applied deep learning’ listing strategic initiatives and priorities.

 A 2-day Strategic Visual Power Workshop for Robovision, powered by The Dualarity Jixso Partnership.

 A lot of deep learnings were shared!

 ‘Olivier and Kristof were very agile at adapting to the specific needs of a disruptive technology company. The visual feedback was especially rewarding a result of two days of hard work, great job guys!’, Jonathan Berte, CEO and Founder Robovision

 Thank you for having us.

 The Dualarity JIXSO Partnership.