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The Mechanics

The Dualarity Quadrant shows how you can be scared, injured, healthy or mature, and how you can move from one quadrant to another. This movement, this pendulum, between healthy and mature is when you are truly living in The Dualarity. Each Dualarity stage reflects a certain moment in time and you’ll change multiple times, both as a person and as a business. It’s a very simple model and it’s easy to map yourself, your team or your business in the matrix.


Seeing: our ability to observe, understand and make sense of the trends (digital, consumer, socio-economic) and its implication on our society, industry and ourselves. We can see or be blind.

Energy: our ability to respond, what we need to manage and improve to keep moving forwards. What we need to cope with to embrace what we see. Energy can be high or low.

People that sparkle in their personal and business transformation are able to see, energize themselves and find balance between performing and transforming.

Transform Yourself so You can Transform Others, Lead Yourself so you can Lead Others

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