Alpha Bank Greece Athens Digitalized event

I had the pleasure to visit Athens for the ‘Digitalized’ event organised by Alpha Bank, one of the largest Greek Banks. They invited 500 internal managers, some customers, professors, journalists and surprisingly 3 people from each competing bank to their event.

They have an enormous history and great ancient contributions in philosophy (Aristotle, Socrates, Plato…), the Olympic games, democracy, architecture and literary classics.

I had a lot of empathy with the its population that went trough some very tough times since the Greek crisis burst in 2009 and the conditions to receive international help. Despite the very fragile signs of recovery and to avoid a new collaps, it will demand a cultural mindshift from all Greeks to truly transform the country and build the very needed foundations for a lasting future. As consumer spend decreased, a lack of large enterprises and not enough financing options, Greece needs to find new sources of income outside through tourism and find ways to increase their export.

So we can help by going there on holiday and being some Greek products