Visit to Macedonia


Last week I was invited to speak at the event in Skopje, Macedonia, and meet local people and entrepreneurs.

Skopje has a vibrant sparkling community and became the innovation hub of the Balkan region. The Tech.o event aims at connecting students, developers, startups with the traditional companies.

People I met all share the same eagerness to learn, to discover the world and the need to accelerate the development of their business and country. They need all the help they can get as government is clearly not helping enough. They had no government for 4 months. I told them this is nothing compared to our own Belgian worldwide record of 589 days without a government.

Every small step each one of them/us makes counts and by going there as a tourist and/or business person we help them in their journey and future success.

A 3 day trip perfectly organised by Valoso Hub.

2 Quote from one of the attendees:

“Olivier’s talk was very motivating. He introduces personal and business success as the balance between seeing the surrounding world to understand the implications of change, and transforming oneself before transforming others. I was intrigued by his analysis of future trends and the tips he gave us regarding the potential successful industries, businesses and professions. Can’t wait to go deeper in his book about that. And finally, his outlook on failure struck my heart and pushed me to face my fears in my own creative work. Beautiful speech and great delivery!” Mariam Talakhadze 

“I am sure that everyone who had a chance to listen to you and especially to meet you feels inspired and has a greater will to work towards something better now, you have such a unique power to share positive energy, knowledge and inspiration that one could only wish to have met you earlier.”

‘Recently I was part of one very exiting tech events in our city where i had the chance to meet one of the most inspiring digital minded people of all times with so much to share and teach on the subject of world trends and innovation. I highly recommend to every entrepreneur in the digital industry out there to take the time and read mr. Olivier Van Duuren book, The Dualarity. Sometime what we do as entrepreneurs is confusing even to us and we just need someone to show us the path and make some sense. Cheers !’, Zoran Nasteski Entrepreneur, 

And I’ll be back.

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