Welcome to 2035. A New Worldwide Operating System is being written. Start coding it.

Welcome to 2035

I share everything and own nothing. The place where I slept is being used by someone else. The mobile transport I needed is always standby and being shared by all.

I have no privacy. The value exchange for giving up my privacy is so high that I don’t mind. It contributes so much to my life that I share openly. My health, my financials, my relationships and my happiness have never been in a better place

I breathe clean air. The previous 3 Industrial Revolutions disrupted our environment and created the pollution we knew in 2017. The fourth industrial ‘Digital’ revolution finally solved it. We solved the global warming challenges. We solved our energy problem. We created a world based on a circular economy. I contribute to recycling, composting organic waste, renewable energy and my leaders have all embraced the recycling society as there was no time to WASTE. We finally turned trash into treasure.

I have nanobots, microscopic robots, in my body keeping me healthy and wired. While flowing through my body, these nanobots transmit my brain onto the cloud.

I manage my lifespan as we can determine how long we want to live. All boring tasks and jobs are being taken by robots, AI and drones. Robots are now our friends and colleagues, giving us a better life. I work less and do things I am truly passionate about. Work is life and life is work. I don’t just manage time anymore but manage my energy.

Life is just great and I never felt so happy. I finally found harmony. We created a world where humanity, science, innovation and progress led to happiness for all, and this includes those who were left behind.

What if that would be the case? What if we managed to have the right people steering our future. What if we found the right humanitarian moral and laws to guide us? What if we would do the right things solving the problems of our planet? What if we shifted our understanding of what it means to be human?

The beauty of today’s innovations is that you can make your dreams come true as never before.

For you to decide if you see a half glass empty or a half glass full. Be happy to have a glass and start filling it so 2035 becomes a reality.

A New Worldwide Operating System is being written. Start coding for a better planet.

Be part of the code.

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  Olivier Van Duüren

 As international Public Speaker, Trend Sensemaker, Executive Whisperer and Author, I help businesses to take the pain out of their personal and business transformation, leaving them with a regained sense of spark.