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What readers say

“We are in the midst of unprecedented transformation of the world as we know it. As people and companies seek to navigate the pace of change, look to The Dualarity – an exceptional tool for those seeking guidance on how to lead your life, maximize your business, and harness innovation for good.”

Carolyn Everson, Vice President, Global Marketing Solutions, Facebook

“We don’t live in an era of changes, but in the change of eras. The world around us is changing rapidly. As human being, entrepreneur, business man, employer or employee, we have two options: deal with the changes or get left behind. The Dualarity helps you not only to see the transformations in the world, businesses and on a personal level, but also how you can cope with them. Olivier shows the way to see opportunities in change. He guides us in a practical way to become more mindful about the impact of transformations.”

Karel Van Eetvelt, CEO of UNIZO Flemish Union of entrepreneurs, SMEs and free professions

“Transformation risks to be abused as a new buzzword. Change can still be forced. Transformation cannot be forced. Transformation is the result of a profound and honest process between employees, leaders and managers. Energy, joy, honesty, courage and humility are engaging human ingredients to make transformational dynamics possible. This book is a reliable guide to implement an organic and sustainable transformational culture. A caterpillar cannot be forced to become a butterfly. Olivier helps you to understand this process.”

André Pelgrims, Change architect and director Taking Wing

“Olivier’s writing and insight are easy to understand and digest. The reason; he’s lived the trends he is speaking about. He has seen firsthand the methods that work and the bad habits that don’t. The Dualarity is a roadmap to the digital transformation both professionally and personally.”

Bob Bejan, Global Communications Strategy Microsoft

“The concept of The Dualarity is interesting: in this fast changing world, we all try to align our personal values and maturities to those of the organizations we work for. Olivier succeeds in well articulating the tensions of this journey, and offers a powerful toolkit for self-reflection.”

Peter Vander Auwera, co-founder Innotribe and SWIFT International

“Olivier has written an excellent book on how people and organizations can transform themselves during a period of unprecedented disruption that has only just started. The book itself not only explains the Dualarity, it also practices it by successfully balancing inspirational examples with very pragmatic frameworks and models. You will walk away from the book energized and ready to apply Dualarity principles to yourself and your organization.”

Norm Johnston, Global Chief Strategy & Digital Officer Mindshare, and author of Adaptive Marketing


“I really enjoyed the fresh perspectives Olivier brings to dealing with extreme change in business.  The Dualarity is a must read for those who embrace the concepts of rapid iteration and paradox in the digital age.”

Darren Huston, CEO & Founder BlackPines Global Advisors, and former CEO Priceline/Booking.com

“Olivier provides an insightful view on how the digital era affects our society. Singularity implies that we are just at the beginning of a makeover journey of our society, companies and ourselves. ‘The Dualarity’ makes the counterintuitive case that for all the digital change, we need to work on transforming ourselves. Olivier helps you understand your current position in the cycle of your life and provides a powerful model for self-development. It is the next chapter in your search for happiness. Only then can you hope to empower other professionals or managers in transforming the organisation. The Dualarity is a timely written book: personal balance is a condition to sustainable business success.“

Duco Sickinghe, managing partner Fortino and former CEO Telenet

“How to grow when surviving is already a challenge? How to transform when performing is a fulltime job? Olivier helps you find the energy and insights to not only successfully undertake this journey but actually enjoy it too. As an organisation, a team and, even more important, as an individual. Inspiring cases and tips from a business leader who rode the waves of transformation himself.”

Sven Mastbooms, futurist at Kindred Spirits

“Its 2045 and computer power exceeds human power and starts generating their own intelligence.  Technology is now evolving at a faster rate than an organisation can adapt. Machines are more intelligent than people. This is singularity. The fear is people become redundant, dispensable and replaceable. Not true says digital visionary and thought leader, Olivier Van Duüren. In his thought provoking and inspiring book Duality (Dual-arity) he argues that the digital future will be more about the partnership between technology and transformation – personal and professional. Rather than a balancing act he predicts it will be more like complementing opposites – ying and yang – performing and transforming, personal and business. This is a challenging, fascinating and refreshing read.”

Daniel Priestley, entrepreneur, international speaker and best-selling author

The Dualarity is a highly practical approach to becoming more mindful on how the Digital Transformation is impacting all of us, both professionally as well as in our personal lives.  A must-read to better understand the dynamics of this Transformation, to avoid being stuck in the present and to create more mental space and clarity.

Stijn Nauwelaerts, General Manager HR, Microsoft Global Sales, Marketing and Operations.

“With The Dualarity, Olivier synthesizes decades of experience working globally as a leader in the digital revolution. Employing compelling data, the insightful observations of other business innovators and real-time corporate situations to illuminate his conclusions, this nicely paced book should motivate you to evaluate where you stand in relation to digital transformation, and then get you to move, and keep moving. Olivier summarizes succinctly and accurately: “If we want to transform our businesses, we start by transforming ourselves.”

Whitney Johnson, Thinkers50, World’s Most Influential Management Thinkers, author of critically-acclaimed Disrupt Yourself: Putting the Power of Disruptive Innovation to Work

“This book gives you the opportunity to surf on the extraordinary experience of Olivier. To those, willing to put the consumer at heart, people as the soul and digital as the oxygen in their organization, it is a great tool for dealing with the increasing complexity of the digital reality we all live in.”

Wouter Quartier, Strategy Manager, VRT Belgian broadcaster


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