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Take the pain out of your personal and business transformation

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Sense the world around you and transform, both as an individual and a business. We assist leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs in discovering their North Star—purpose, ambitions, values, and culture. We help you develop a strategic plan and mobilize action swiftly, within days rather than months.

We guide you in addressing the realities of your current situation, both internally and externally, bridging the gap to your desired future state and enhancing capabilities for personal and business transformation.

We support the balancing act of transforming organizations while maintaining high performance, turning transformation into a strategic capability.

By merging innovative strategies with personal insights and real-world applications, we empower your journey toward success, fostering a culture of continuous learning and improvement.

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About Olivier

Olivier Van Duüren is an international public speaker, trend sensemaker, executive whisperer, transformer, innovator, active investor and author.

‘The world is my playgarden, Europe my future, Belgium my country and Flanders my home’, is Olivier’s life motto. Olivier is passionate about transformation, innovation, trends, and societal changes.

He is a thought leader in transforming (Innovation Excellence) while performing (Operational Excellence). With twenty-two years at Microsoft in international roles and several years as an entrepreneur, Olivier devises future-proof strategies, helping businesses sense the world and find a balance between transforming and performing.

He is the author of “The Dualarity”, co-founder of Visual Senseformers and the co-author of “Transforming while Performing”.

Olivier teaches at the Zigurat Business School for Technology and Innovation (University of Barcelona).

He is an active investor in 9.5 Ventures, which creates tailor-made startups for corporates, and serves as a board member/advisor for various companies.

Olivier collaborates with global, regional, and local startups, scale-ups, medium-sized, and large organizations.

What clients say

"It was a great pleasure to have Olivier as full day keynote speaker and workshop owner at the Executives Global Network Future of Work Member Event. Our 90 C-Level members (CEO/COO/Fin/HR) present were delighted by his presentation, which was very insightful and thought-provoking. Straight after the event, I immediately recommended Olivier to my General Manager colleagues in the 14 remaining EGN countries."
Pia Hinz - EGN
"Management at the Table welcomed with Olivier, without any doubt the most inspiring author it ever invited since we started with our monthly breakfast sessions. A clear vision on the business model is essential and identifying the right technology to support that ambition is critical, for every type of business. But all this must be shaped and managed by humans. The Dualarity prepares both - businesses, as well as its people – to be 'fit for transformation'. A great experience."
Peter Buelens - Management at the table
"I had my doubts when Olivier promised us that a two-day seminar would result in a new mission, new ambitions and values for Torfs. My expectations were more than fulfilled! The clever questions and pertinent inspirations of Olivier, combined with stunning drawings, boosted our team process and output! Our management team is today 'stronger in its shoes' than ever!"
Wouter Torfs - Torfs

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